Our Beliefs

Who We Are
We’ve always been a family restaurant… a place where people of all ages can enjoy a good meal. We strive to keep our price point low enough for a family to be able to enjoy a nice meal out together. Our average check for a full meal of cooked-to-order meat, plus potato, sides, and dessert is less than $10, and we let the little ones (age 6 and under) eat from the Bar for free every day.
Financial Responsibility
Financial responsibility is important to the top management at Country Cookin. We believe in avoiding the accumulation of debt and in fair business dealings in all aspects of our operations, whether with guests, vendors, or employees.

Living our Faith
Country Cookin is a Christian company and we try to live our faith in our daily work lives. We spread the good news through biblical quotes and inspirational sayings on our menus and other publications, include contemporary Christian in our restaurants' musical selections, and strive at all times to treat others with kindness and respect. It is our goal to be politely vocal about our faith.

Caring for the Whole Person
Country Cookin truly cares about every single person who works here – not just about what they can contribute to the company, but also about their family lives. The importance of family is stressed within the company and top management makes every effort to accommodate employees' personal needs.

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